“Total indifference and a complete inability to give a sh*t” – so, Sajid Javid, then.

Pride's Purge


Compassion has resigned from the cabinet claiming it had become a distraction after seven days of hostile headlines over accusations that it had been over-claiming its own worth in government.

The departure of any ability to give a toss is a huge setback for David Cameron, who had attempted to save his career by pretending to give a hoot but has now been forced to accept the long-awaited resignation of compassion from the government.

In its letter of resignation to the Prime Minister, compassion wrote:

It has become clear to me that my presence in the cabinet has become a distraction from the vital work this government is doing to turn our poll ratings around and win us the next election.

Experts say the resignation of compassion is particularly damaging as it comes after a string of other recent high-level resignations from the coalition – including empathy, humanity and competence.

Downing Street said the prime minister was…

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