This article could also have been called ‘How the Conservative Party quietly profited from privatising the Royal Mail’. Read and learn.


Forget the protestations of Cable, Cameron and Osborne about the ‘need’ for low valuations (as if the ‘failure’ to complete the privatisation, leaving us all in ownership, would have been a disaster) – the graphic below shows very succinctly why Royal Mail was privatised.

It also acts as a template for how Tory cronies and supporters benefit from the privatisation of the NHS and all the other public possessions – and how the Tory party then fattens its coffers for its fight to stay in power and further propagate the vicious, rotten circle:

Photo: Just a little something to think about for a Monday night

‘Enjoy’, and share. And if anyone knows who created the graphic, which I found unattributed on Facebook, please let me know so I can give credit where it’s due.

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