Wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute there! Aren’t civil servants and other public sector workers, you know, part of the problem (according to the Coalition)? Isn’t that why the public sector is being slimmed down?
Yet when the private companies show themselves up (as usual), it’s the civil servants and public sector workers – the professionals – who have to save the day. What will we do when the government has finally achieved its aim and rationalised them down to nothing?

Same Difference

Ministers have been forced to intervene and deploy civil servants to shore up a private company struggling to clear a backlog of medical assessments for payments to tens of thousands of terminally ill, sick and disabled people.

In a letter leaked to the Guardian, a senior civil servant says the “one-off” step will be taken because Capita is failing to process the recently introduced personal independence payment (PIP) claims in time.

The benefit, worth between £21 and £134 a week, is meant to cover transport, care and other costs associated with being seriously sick or disabled. Waiting times for assessment have been so long that in some cases people with terminal conditions have died before receiving a penny.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, said his new PIP system would be fairer than the old disability living allowance (DLA)…

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