No explanation necessary.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories)

According to the Daily Mail, Labour should apologise for its supposed links in the 1970s to the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Not a squeak from the Mail or any of the other right-wing press about the Tory Party’s links to paedophiles though.

And I’m not just talking about Savile’s frequent social visits to Thatcher at Number 10 when she was Prime Minister.

thatcher savile

It’s been revealed recently that Savile was not a lone abuser. He was part of a paedophile ring based in the Scarborough and Whitby area. One of the leading members of the ring has been revealed by a local newspaper to be a senior local Conservative politician, Mayor and Councillor Peter Jaconnelli.

But don’t expect to read much about that in the mainstream media. Because the cover up of Tory Party connections to paedophilia in general has been going on for decades.

In 1983, when Lord Carrington became Secretary General…

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