I was one of those who took part in the Guardian/ICM survey immediately after the debate, and said that Farage won it. However, I went on to say that it did not change my opinion; I will not be voting for UKIP in any elections and I find many of Farage’s policies nauseating. He won the debate because Clegg was appallingly bad – unconvincing and patronising.
Meanwhile, cases like Yashika’s are happening right now, because people are buying into a concocted lie that immigration is causing our problems. People need to wake up, take a look around and realise that attention is being diverted away from the people who really caused our problems.
Is that really so hard to do?

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It was sadly poignant that the same day that Yashika Bageerathi was deported, UKIP leader Nigel Farage was trouncing Nick Clegg in a televised debate. The two things may seem unconnected – but they’re not, they’re intrinsically linked. Xenophobia rules the roost in the UK right now. The deportation of Yashika – and the death, just two days earlier, of Christine Case, in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre – may look like tragic, individual events but they’re not. They’re what a ‘tough’ immigration policy looks like. Yashika’s case has been highlighted as particularly cruel, but to imagine that it is unique is naïve to say the least. All the hand-wringing over Yashika, important though her case is, misses the point to a great extent. We’ve build this system. These are the consequences.

Pressure has rightly been put on Theresa May and James Brokenshire over Yashika – because they could potentially have…

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