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Found work or increased work to more than 16 hours a week: 124,905 or 42.0%

Claimed benefit other than JSA: 10,765 or 3.5%

Government supported training: 3,250 or 1.0%

Education or approved training: 2,545 or 0.8%

Gone abroad: 6,855 or 2.3%

Ceased claiming: 10,450 or 3.5%

Failed to sign: 93,210 or 31.0%

Other reasons: 6,535 or 2.2%

Not known: 43,255 or 14.0%

Total: 301,770

A. Data rounded to nearest 5.

B. Claimant count figures do not yet include claimants of Universal Credit.  Further information is available at

C. The percentage of off-flows with a “not known” or “failed to sign” destination has increased since the start of the series (representing 44% of total UK off-flows in July 2009).  This is because the completion levels of the forms filled in by JSA leavers have decreased.  Many of these unknown leavers will have moved into employment. (Editor’s comment; “will have”…

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