Here’s another perspective on Osborne’s ‘April Fool’ speech, courtesy of Argotina on Benefit Tales.

Benefit tales

Chancellor George Osborne has outlined tax changes and a tough new benefits regime for Britain’s unemployed.

His speech contains so much rubbish that I just don’t know where to start.

George Osborne brags about creating new jobs. He isn’t concerned that over a million of these are on zero hours contracts, where work hours are not guaranteed. It doesn’t bother him that many more are on short term contracts. He doesn’t care that the majority of people who claim benefits these days are in work, but earning such a pittance that they can’t afford to eat. It doesn’t bother him that hundreds of thousands of people have been driven into self employment who do not have the basic skills to run their own businesses, just so that they can avoid the institutional torture that claiming jobseeker’s allowance has become. It doesn’t bother him that many of the people going through the…

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