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In a speech a little while ago George Osborne approvingly quoted Karl Marx on the power of capitalism, much to the disgust of everybody on the Left. One Anarchist blog referred to him as an ‘oleaginous pr*ck’. This wouldn’t be first time they’ve tried to appropriate someone from the Far Left. Philip Blond in Red Tory also cites the Russian Anarchist, Peter Kropotkin. Lenin, the leader of the Russian Communist party, had this to say about the way Marx and other revolutionaries were appropriated by their ideological opponents after their deaths in his book, The State and Revolution, written in the year the Communists seized power in Russia:

Marx’s doctrines are now undergoing the same fate, which, more than once in the course of history, has befallen the doctrines of other revolutionary thinkers and leaders of oppressed classes struggling for emancipation … After their death … attempts are … ,made…

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