There’s a lot of fear going around at the moment – and a lot of people are calling on Labour to raise its game. This letter from a disabled person eerily compliments and reflects one from a group of Labour advisors and commentators, published on The Guardian’s website yesterday.
Will Ed Miliband listen? It depends how badly watered-down the message becomes before his inner circle of advisers let him see it, one would expect.
There’s a man who really needs to get out on his own and see what’s really going on.

Same Difference

This article titled Dear Ed Miliband, We’re Looking To You To Defend Us From Deplorable Welfare Cuts and written by E Davis was first published by the Welfare News Service on 23 March 2014 and has been reproduced here with permission.

Dear Mr Miliband,

I do not profess to know an awful lot about politics. In fact I did not even really care about it much, as I always felt secure. I always knew that as a severely disabled person I would be protected and looked after. However, since 2010 this has changed.

I remember well the pledge made by David Cameron that, “those who need help the most would get it.” That was a lie. The present government has attacked those who “need help the most” constantly and ferociously.

They have given us the Bedroom Tax, cut back on the amount of support given (by depriving local councils of funds). They have…

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