Thanks to kittysjones for giving us all a few reasons to remember that Labour still has greatness in it. Of particular interest to me, as a person dealing with disability benefits, is the proposal for a Disability Hate Crime Prevention law. Let us hope that this includes clauses that would incriminate the Atos assessors who wrongly recommended that sick and disabled people should lose their benefits, contrary to the evidence; the DWP decision-makers who rubber-stamped these decisions and sent decisions to award benefit back to Atos, demanding a recommendation to cut benefit instead; and finally the government ministers who perverted Britain’s great system of social security into a mechanism for persecuting those least able to defend themselves, including the Secretary of State who presided over the misery and deaths and saw every death as a “successful benefit outcome”. In honour of that man, let this law be retrospective in nature, going back to cover the five years of Coalition government, and let the Coalition’s Work and Pensions secretary be the first person prosecuted.

Politics and Insights


Labour builds, the Tories always destroy.
Here is the first stage of Labours’ costed and evidence-based plan to rebuild the UK:

1. Labour pledge to build a million new homes
2. Labour pledged to create a State-Owned Rail Company that would compete and win back Rail Franchises.
3. Labour vow to cut business rates for small firms
4. Labour vowed to introduce an increased Bankers’ Bonus Tax if they win in 2015.
5. Labour promised Free Childcare worth £5,000 a year for working parents who had kids aged 3+4.
6. Labour committed to Sacking ATOS, Serco and G4S if they win the election. 7. Ed Miliband promised to repeal the Bedroom Tax.
8. Ed Balls pledged to reverse the Pension Tax relief that the Tories gifted to millionaires.
9. Labour promised to reverse the Tory Tax cut for Hedge Funds.
10. Labour said they would create 200,000 Apprenticeships and…

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