There’s a debate going on at Vox Political on current standards of education (and health) in Wales, with several contributors deploring what the Labour-run Assembly government has done – yet here we see that Michael Gove is working hard to drive standards down as far as he can, over in England.
Where would you rather be, folks? In England, where the Education Secretary is working hard to ensure that your state-educated child has the worst preparation for working life possible and cannot compete with the privately-educated offspring of the rich, or in Wales, where the administration is at least trying to provide a decent education for school pupils across the country?

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Michael Gove: The man now in charge of wrecking our children’s education. But only if you’re working or lower middle class.

The I newspaper also carried a story in its Friday edition (21st March 2014) that 14 academy chains, including the largest, the Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) have been banned from running any more schools. The I stated that the reason for this were concerns about low standards and financial management in the schools the chains already manage.

The barred academies together manage about 200 state schools altogether. Apart from the Academies Enterprise Trust, which runs 75 schools, they also include the Academies Transformation Trust, which runs 16. This last company was criticised for paying over £50,000 to a trustee and a company owned by the daughter-in-law of the Trust’s chief executive. The other barred academy chains are the Barnfield Academies Trust, with seven schools, City of Wolverhampton Academy Trust…

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