Take particular note of the last paragraph – I have personal experience of the “vexatious” accusation!
I’m thinking of writing an autobiography and calling it ‘Vexatious Me’…
What I’d like to know is why there aren’t any British companies able to take up this role. Does the government not realise that paying a foreign company for services means money goes out of the UK and cannot contribute to our economy? Even if a British company can only provide the service at a higher price, the benefit is greater as the money stays within British borders.
… or am I making too much sense?


I know from the number of press articles, I’m not the only one astonished that ATOS – the now infamous IT Company with more trading arms than an octopus and renowned for both its part in the disastrous Border Agency computer meltdown in 2012 and its failure to administer the equally beleaguered Work Capability Assessments (WCA) for the DWP, have now been given the contract for delivering the Coalitions Childcare Voucher scheme. What I don’t get is WHY?

Before anyone tells me about the links between ATOS, its parent company UNUM and the extensive range of links – I’ve seen the speculation; but what I don’t understand is, given the recent scathing reports from both the public accounts committee, and the Work and Pensions Select on ATOS; WHY has the Treasury backed NS&I decided that ATOS are a suitable company to deliver anything; unless the caption below is true!


I find…

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