Tebbit's life: He used to be Margaret Thatcher's 'boot boy' - now he is mostly used to scare birds away from his garden and to dribble nonsense at the Daily Mail.

Tebbit’s life: He used to be Margaret Thatcher’s ‘boot boy’ – now he is mostly used to scare birds away from his garden and to dribble nonsense at the Daily Mail.

Former Tory enforcer and walking cadaver Lord Tebbit seems intent on spending his twilight years making a fool of himself.

His latest effort appeared yesterday in the Daily Mail , when he parroted a comment about food banks that Lord Fraud – sorry, Freud – made last year. The claim was disproved almost instantly but, thanks to the power of Tory stupidity, here it is again:

“There is always a near infinite demand for valuable goods that are given away free,” said Tebbit, who nowadays looks like he needs a food bank himself, before going on to claim that they use the service to save cash – and then spend it on junk food.

Compare that with what Freud said last year: “If you put more food banks in, that is the supply. Clearly, food from the food banks is a free good and by definition with a free good there’s almost infinite demand.”

Fair point? No.

A report commissioned by Defra – the government’s own Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, made it clear that it could find “no systematic evidence on the impact of increased supply and [that] hypotheses of its potential effects are not based on robust evidence.”

Both Tebbit and Freud have been talking tripe.

People attending food banks don’t have any spare money at all!

They are referred by organisations that are expert in recognising true, desperate poverty – and also by Jobcentre Plus advisors (perhaps that’s where Lord Tebbit’s problem lies) – on the expectation that they will receive the help they need to get back on their feet in short order. That’s why the number of visits they are allowed to make are limited. Perhaps Lord Tebbit hadn’t been briefed on that?

All we’re seeing is another example of the Tory belief that, if a lie doesn’t work the first time it is aired, wait a year or so and then try it again. They did it with the benefit cap and they have almost certainly done it with other policies.

They are testing your gullibility.

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