We should have been aware of this before – RTU (as some of us call him) made it clear that he didn’t want anything ring-fenced when it came to the next round of benefit cuts.
As for “there is no escape”, what happens if – by some miracle – all the people behind these policies are voted out of Parliament?

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Iain Duncan Smith's endangered species the free bus pass Iain Duncan Smith’s endangered speciesthe free bus pass

George Osborne has made a lot of noise about how  pensioners  with spare cash are going to get  a fabulous deal under the Coalition – high interest pensioner bonds and the chance to spend, spend their pension  pot.

 All this is seen by political commentators as a  brilliant move by the  Chancellor to get the grey vote out for the Tories next year – with many of the measures timed for the election.

He also made it clear that pensions were going to be exempt from the new welfare cap – which will hit everyone else from lone parents, the disabled.and the working poor on housing benefit.

Sounds too good to be true for  the elderly. And guess what, it is.

Hidden in the specialist publication The House Magazine today is an interview with Works and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan…

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