“Many people only claimed IB for a relatively short period. They found work, yes, found work, Tories and Tory Democrats.”
Tories – and Tory Democrats. Yes, that seems about right.
“It was only later that evidence began to stack up that people on IB were significantly more prone to deterioration in their mental health than most of the rest of the population. ”
Now, that is really worthwhile evidence. What a shame the Tories and Tory Democrats have ignored it.
Also good: The comments about Michael Portillo and Peter Lilley.

The ramblings of a former DWP Civil Servant ...

I am writing this blog post in response to the War On Welfare debate in the House of Commons on Thursday 27th February.


May I make a confession?  I helped put people in a position where they, through no fault of their own were left to languish on Incapacity Benefit.  Why did I do this?


I was for most of the time, between November 1987 and November 1997 an Employment Service Adviser in Birmingham.  During the Major Government, I was encouraged (though not in the way that Jobcentre staff are today) to help reduce the unemployment figures by helping people:


·         into work

·         into self employment

·         or to claim another benefit, other than Jobseeker’s Allowance (and its predecessors) so that in doing so they would be removed from the unemployment figures.


All three outputs were of equal weight when the…

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