In fact I’m not surprised at all.
When I was working for a regional daily newspaper I covered a story in which a woman tried to sell a kidney – any way she could – in order to make ends meet after being (wrongfully, in her opinion) dismissed by her previous employer. Desperate times; desperate measures.
Despicable that it’s possible for government policy – and have no doubt, it IS government policy that is driving so many people into poverty – that is making such a situation possible.


> At one time I’d have maybe filed a story like this under ‘Urban Myth’… nowadays, who knows ?

Britain today – everything is for sale.

Cash-strapped Britons are lining up to sell a kidney on the black market, a Sunday Post investigation has revealed.

Advertising organs for sale is illegal in the UK and anyone caught attempting it can face a three-year jail term.

But a Sunday Post investigation found people across the country so desperate for cash they were willing to flout the law.

Our reporter posed as the brother of a woman desperately needing a transplant and placed an advert on a Facebook page specifically set up to buy and sell organs.

Within a week he had received 11 offers from desperate people worldwide willing to risk their lives to drag themselves out of poverty.

Many of the black market operations take place in India, Pakistan or…

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