What did David Cameron say about his being the most OPEN government ever? First they restrict Parliament’s ability to communicate with anybody at all (by idiotic mistake), then they try to hide what has happened from the public. Are we to take it that this Joan Miller is responsible? When may we expect her resignation?

Westminster Confidential

Tried to email your MP? Waiting for a reply from their office? Before you blame our public servants for being lazy, it may just be that their tools of the trade are on the blink.

As I report on the Exaro News website Parliament’s computer system is getting and all singing, dancing upgrade so MPs can get super access to the internet.

Only the subcontractors installing it have made one big mistake – they have programmed the system to get LESS access to the internet. The result: furious MPs, bad tempered office staff as the system regularly crashes and can’t cope.

How do we know this? Well the mother of all democracies has not made the usual public announcement.. Instead it has used its private email; system to tell its 7500 users that they have got it wrong and issued a private apology.

Details of the email fromJoan Miller, director…

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