Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tory Party!)

Considering the recent events in Ukraine, it’s not very surprising the Tories are desperately trying to hide their close links to President Putin’s United Russia Party.

The Tory Party has already had to close down its infamous pro-Putin ‘Conservative Friends of Russia” organisation after it was revealed it was formed with the help of a Russian intelligence agent called Sergey Nalobin based at the Russian Embassy in London.

The Tories have also just quietly suspended their own membership of the European Democrat Group in which they cooperate closely with Putin’s United Russia Party. The Tories haven’t actually left the group – they’re probably waiting until the Ukraine situation calms down before quietly reinstating themselves.

The current Chair of the grouping is state Duma member and close Putin ally Mr Alexey PUSHKOV – and Vice-Chair is the Tories’ very own Mr Christopher Chope…

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