Interesting piece, this – the Conservative government has been tilting the balance of power (in the Health sector) away from a level playing field and in favour of private providers because, if the decision was left to the market, people would choose the NHS. In addition, private hospitals will (and do) charge higher prices where they have less competition from the NHS. Think about that, as hospitals and other services all around you get passed to private providers, for no very good reason, by Jeremy Hunt and his marauders.

The Slog

camhuntptnetEven the IFS, Nuffield and the Competition Commission admit that there is precious little demand for private healthcare

Last year, the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) and Nuffield Trust (part of the private health provider) issued a reporton the relationship between the NHS and the private sector since 2000 – or thereabouts. It is a good and full report, but its interpretation is that of a neloliberal think tank (Margaret Thatcher was an early member of the IFS) and Nuffield which – despite its protestations of balance – does have an agenda. Given these factors, some of the gems in there are to say the least surprising.

In the time since its publication, the Government has not started seizing on its findings for political gain. As we shall see, there are very good reasons for this.

Above all, what the report finds (without saying so out loud) is that…

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