The Daily Mail? Publishing images classed as Level 1 Child Pornography? And then hypocritically attacking other people for having tenuous connections with organisations that sexualise children?
Shurely shome mishtake, as a satirical publication of our acquaintance might suggest.
Not a mistake. And Tom’s exactly right about what the police do about it, too.

Pride's Purge


One of the UK’s leading tabloid newspaper columnists, Richard Littlejohn, has denied he has close links to a sinister organisation which regularly distributes photographs of half-naked children around a network of its perverted sick supporters.

Pride’s Purge has uncovered evidence that the organisation – known as DMGT – regularly publishes disgusting images of under-age children alongside commentary full of vile sexual innuendo.

Mr Littlejohn is a regular contributor to the sick and depraved publications.

The images distributed by the DMGT network  – some of which can be see here  – include children as young as 12 years old who are often described as “flirty“, “skimpy” and “sultry“.

The organisation also regularly distributes photographs of half-dressed children under titles such as “teen bikini queens” Too young?” and “tiny wetsuit”

In a statement, police said they are doing everything they can not…

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