Is this a familiar story?


looking at the sun


I had a few words with a Sun reader in the pub Saturday afternoon; well, to be honest, I don’t know he was a Sun reader, but all his comments lead me to believe him to be so; I say comments because that’s all he did- made statements with no evidence to back them up while I argued evidentially, to which I got the repeated question “Who?”, “What?” and “When?”


For example, when I said things need to change and proposed there were mumblings among the populace to the effect that change may be on the horizon and not necessarily peaceful, he said it would never happen, people won’t stand up to be counted and the government know this. When I said that is exactly what Tsar Nikolai thought in 1917 he said “Who?”


When he claimed his English heritage and blamed the country’s ills on foreigners…

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