A commenter on my own blog recently took issue with me for suggesting that people power could ever have any influence over large corporations such as (in that case) Twitter when resolving disputes. I wonder if that same person will take that same stance on this case?


Well, with the help of all my friends and supporters on this blog and on social media, the problems with Orange/EE have finally been resolved. Well, more or less.

I received a call from a very pleasant and polite man from their executive office, who told me at length about how sorry they were and how unsatisfactory their performance had been. The supposed ‘debt’ of £10.97 would be immediately cancelled, and they would be contacting the 3 credit reference agencies today to get them to wipe all trace of the matter from my credit record.

If only their call-centre team had taken a similar approach, the whole thing would have been far less painful (and you’d all probably have never heard about it). But I guess it shows you have to stir up a storm sometimes to make an progress against Big Corporate.

So, the issue is more or less…

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