Jayne speculates on the possibility that deaths of people receiving or awaiting incapacity benefits have risen – and even a small percentage rise produces shocking numbers.
Of course, I have a tribunal hearing pending, after which I hope the DWP will be ordered to release the figures; one of my contentions is that the department’s refusal to release them in the past had no legal basis.
Hopefully, it’s only a matter of months until we get proper numbers.


We know from  the official DWP report that between January & November 2011 10,600 disabled people either in receipt of or awaiting benefits died.

Since then the DWP have, despite numerous requests refused to release further updates; we can only speculate their reason why, as we can only surmise just how many more disabled people have since lost their lives?

It is well documented how the ‘Scrounger‘ rhetoric have adversely affected disabled people  and those who are chronically ill, and even Esther McVey – Minister of State for DWP stated she “would not disagree” when it was put to her in October 2013 that “ hundreds or even thousands of people who had died sooner than they should have done, or had a much lower quality of life over their last few weeks or months because of their experience of the WCA.”.

From this we believe it is safe to presume there…

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