This used to be the sort of revelation that could ruin a career. Now, it seems as long as nobody is told about it, nobody bothers too much. The watchwords seem to be, as Tom says, “Best keep it to ourselves.”
NO! Let’s spread it around and see if anything else gets shaken out of the woodwork.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Daily Mail!)

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre – whose newspaper really likes to rant a lot about how evil all things EU are – is not averse to pocketing a few hundred thousand Euro here and there from the EU in subsidies when it suits him.

Here’s the exact figure he’s pocketed in EU subsidies for his estate in Scotland (from

Langwell Estate

I suppose Dacre thinks it’s all right just as long as nobody notices.

So best keep it to ourselves then.



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