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Following my post on the suicide of Jacqueline Harris, who took her own life after Atos found her ‘fit for work’, I blogged on my own experience that ATOS will lie about the results of the medical examinations they conduct in order to find them falsely as capable of working. Others have had the same experience, and I posted the stories of two of the commenters to this blog. Since then, others have also commented with their experiences of ATOS lying and doctoring (ha!) the results of their examinations. Or sometimes even missing examinations they were supposed to hold and then blaming the claimant.

Cristina Light described her ATOS interview:

‘The ATOS GP gave me positive scores for all my joints movements without carrying on any examinations, and though he saw me ‘furniture walk’ with great difficulty, and 20/20 for my eyesight, though I can’t read a word without glasses…

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