Pride's Purge


Satirists and political sketch writers in the UK have welcomed the return of ex-Defence Secretary and leading heterosexual Dr Liam Fox to the political scene.

Dr Fox – who is not gay – resigned from his position as Defence Secretary last year after allegations of an ‘improper relationship’ with Scottish businessman Adam Werritty.

The disgraced former cabinet minister did not disappoint his many fans on the right and in satirical comedy when he marked his comeback with a statement that the government should make it easier for incompetent people to be dismissed from their jobs and accused the NHS of being wasteful.

In related news, the right-wing of the Conservative party has joined forces with British satirists to spearhead a campaign aimed at encouraging the government to give a bigger public role to Nadine Dorries too.


I’m really looking forward to getting back to a bit of traditional Fox hunting again.

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