Knowing, as we all do, that Vox Political is monitored by the DWP on a regular basis, it would be totally irresponsible of me to give them the opportunity to laugh at their slave-driver, wouldn’t it?
Oh well…

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s Iain Duncan Smith!)

Neither of these photographs has been photoshopped:

duncan smith2Fritz Sauckel – Nazi Work Ministerduncan smith1Iain Duncan Smith – UK Work Minister

Sauckel, Fritz
Hitler’s Chief of Slave Labour Recruitment, March 1942 – May 1945

Soon after taking office, Sauckel established compulsory labour service in Germany. His program resulted in the forced slave labour of 5 million people, many of whom had to endure cruel working conditions.

At the Nuremberg war crime trials, historian Joseph Persico described Sauckel as “….a little man with a shining dome, sad brown eyes, and a silly moustache patterned after the Fuhrer’s.”

Sauckel was hanged in the early morning hours of October 16, 1946 for crimes against humanity.


As far as I know – to date – there are no plans yet in place to hang Mr Iain Duncan Smith.



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