I asked Jayne (on Twitter) for her thoughts about the Work and Pensions committee meeting on Monday, and this article is a clear summary of her thoughts on the matter. The closing remarks appear to be in agreement with the sentiments I expressed in a comment following my own article – that people who have nothing to lose need to realise there is leverage in that position and start making it work for them.
It seems that we have tried playing this game their way, and fared poorly; how well well they manage, playing it our way instead?


By now you’ll have all read many accounts of how IDS performed at the Work & Pensions Select on Monday; how ‘he got way with it’, his choice use of language, his need for bodyguards etc.

It’s taken me until today to write my account, this is due in part to initial feelings of fury and outrage at his behaviour and the seeming inability of the Select members to nail him down; also the trip itself – a 220 mile round day trip to London with complimentary train tickets courtesy of The Mirror, which in regular circumstances is relatively easy and enjoyable, has left me feeling as if I’ve physically and mentally wrestled with dinosaurs!

Prior to gong into the Select Committee I met with Kate Green MP to get her views on the persistent misuse of statistics by IDS and his junior ministers; I was impressed by her clear understanding of…

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