This afternoon I went into town. I met an old pal I hadn’t seen for a good while- several years. He had always, when we drank together, been a hard worker. A generous guy, who wouldn’t see you without a pint if your circumstances were less fortunate than his own.

We went for a pint- that turned into several! – and he told me his story. He now has sciatica. He is reliant on benefits, though looking for the hard for work his disability no longer allows him to do. He tried to work, shovelling shit (apologies for the language- no I do not apologise. He shovelled YOUR shit) at a local recycling plant.

It transpired that while I was in town enjoying the Xmas to come celebrations, he was in town because he had no heating, no light, no food; NOTHING. No reason to stay home, no reason to…

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