In Germany, they know how to combine a strong economy with a reputation for quality products AND have a good time while regularly clocking off with ruthless efficiency at a reasonable hour every day; in the UK, workers slave away, driving themselves into the ground at work, only without the efficiency and product quality.
But it would undermine the case of right-wingers in this country to admit that, which is why we are portrayed as the malingerers when in fact the opposite is true and it is bad management (from government-level downwards) that has caused Britain’s troubles.
That’s what I take from this article. Let’s not be deceived by right-wing liars like the authors of Britannia Unchained – the evidence is out there and speaks for itself…
… albeit in a foreign language.

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This is my schoolboy German for ‘What do they know of England, who only England know?’

One of the major problems facing this country is the British refusal and apparently inability to learn other people’s languages. Having a second language can be immensely personally enriching, as it gives you a greater access to nations and cultures beyond your own. British visitors to the Continent, for example, can be pleasantly surprised and delighted by the way their stumbling attempts to speak the language of the country they’re visiting is appreciated by its people. Even if what you’re trying to say is halting and stumbling, the people you’re saying it to generally appreciate you’re making the effort, rather than arrogantly assuming that everyone speaks English. There have also been concerns for a long time that British industry is being held back by our collective reluctance to learn other tongues. Industrialists have long…

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