Pride's Purge


A hard-core drug addict has apologised for his “stupid and wrong” behaviour and said he is seeking professional help after a video was published showing him working as the chairman of a high street bank discussing a deal to buy large amounts of dangerous ‘derivatives’ from another banker.

The video footage showed ketamine and crack cocaine user Paul Flowers secretly wearing a pin-striped suit, counting out £30,000 in cash in bonuses and asking if he could also get hold of a dangerous drug used by hard core bankers known as ‘hedge fund leverages’.

The Mail on Sunday said a friend of Flowers handed over the footage after becoming “disgusted by the hypocrisy” of a man who lived a Jeckyll and Hide existence – posing by night as an average, respectable drug addict but by day working as a hard-core banker buying and selling dangerous high street banking services…

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