There are one or two factual inaccuracies but this particular character assassination of the man with no character is fundamentally… appropriate. It’s well worth pointing out that RTU did NOT lose any elections – he never got that far. In fact his party turned on him after two years and replaced him with Michael Howard – and being replaced by the man said to have “something of the night” about him should have been enough indication to all involved that he should never – ever – be offered a ministerial post!
Let’s all take a look at the Red Dwarf clips, apply the comments to this red-FACED political dwarf, and laugh him into the obscurity he deserves.

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Thinking over some of the low actions and policies for which Ian Duncan Smith has been responsible, it struck me which cult figure on television he most resembles. let’s go through some of these, and list his most outstanding qualities.

1. A fundamentally incompetent man, with delusions of promotion far above his proper place in society. Check.

2. A complete lack of any kind of magnificence or personal greatness. This is clearly shown in his attempting to overturn the court’s decision on Mrs Laurel Duut’s benefits and have her, an Englishwoman, deported to her husband’s homeland of the Netherlands. Check.

3. Colossal personal vanity, and delusions of military greatness despite its apparent complete absence. Well, he claims to have a degree from an Italian university, which issues no degrees. Vox Political calls him RTU – Returned To Unit, because of his questions over whether he actually completed officer training. I’m…

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