So his defence is that he was a really, really bad newspaper editor?
I’ve only edited a small regional weekly with a readership in the thousands but during that time I had to know everything my reporters were doing because IT WAS MY JOB. Not all of my job, to be sure, but a significant part of it. If a reporter had filed a story and I didn’t know the source, I would have checked because, for example, somebody might mount a legal challenge such as, I don’t know, the one Coulson is facing now.
Ignorance is no excuse. If that really is his defence, I’ll be amazed if anyone gives it any credence at all.

Westminster Confidential

Andy Coulson, the former News of the World editor and David Cameron’s press secretary is to amount an extraordinary defence that life was so busy at the News of the World that he didn’t know about phone hacking.
A report by Martin Hickman on the Hacked Off website tonight reveals Coulson plans to take the stand to defend himself on all charges.
His lawyer Timothy Langdale, QC, told the jury that they had heard “only one side of the story.”
Among the extraordinary quotes he promised the former News International employee would tell the Old Bailey trial was that life was so frentic he hadn’t noticed any phone hacking nor authorised bribery payments to police officers.
His lawyer said David Cameron’s former director of communications had not taken part in any wrongdoing and would paint a picture of the frenetic pace of life inside the News of the World, when…

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