Another DWP lie revealed! It turns out that the statistic claimed by the government in a press release I quoted ( is an outright lie. It was wrong to say that the number of people taking on Access to Work is the largest since 2007 – according to its own statistical release, the only year when FEWER people took part in the scheme was 2011-12!
We’re all indebted to Johnny Void for digging out the facts – although his claim that Access to Work is collapsing may be taking matters too far. It’s doing about average – as far as its own modest previous results can demonstrate.
But it is certainly nothing to write to the press about, as Mike Penning has done.

the void

mike_penningThe slump in the Government’s Access To Work scheme has continued with around a third less people benefiting from the fund, which aims to help disabled people find and stay in employment, than during its peak in 2009/10.

Access To Work provides money for support workers, transport costs or other expenses for disabled workers.  The scheme began to collapse shortly after this Government weren’t elected with the number of new starts at an all time low – standing at 9,760 individuals beginning on Access To Work  in 2011/12 compared to 16,230 just two years earlier in 2009/10.

Since then the DWP has tried furiously to plug the scheme, broadening the criteria under which people can qualify to include Work Experience along with running high profile promotional campaigns. Despite all of this, Access To Work remains a disaster under the current Government – although that hasn’t stopped DWP big wigs boasting…

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