There are around two and a half million people claiming ESA in the UK at the moment, plus a certain number claiming DLA (but not ESA) (I suspect). That’s easily enough people to swing a general election in any party’s favour.
So the question arises: Who will they support? Not the Tories, surely – nor do the Liberal Democrats seem likely choices. But can they support Labour? This letter sets out to clarify whether a One Nation Labour government will give anything back to disabled people who give that party their vote.


Dear Kate Green MP

You wrote in on Oct 18 you’d spent a week ” at home with a bad back, unable to make it into Parliament“, you then talk at length about the ineffectivenesses of ATOS and how the Labour Party needs ” to think about whether we can we develop an assessment process that looks at people’s real lives, at what they would really need to be able to do to hold down a job, and what support they’d need to do it.

I’d like to ask you to now consider those people who live with your ‘bad back’ every day of their lives; those of us who struggle through with a disability that causes sickening  pain, so bad we can’t sleep, move, or even think, What are Labours plans for us? We’ll never be able to hold down a job when it takes an hour to write a…

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