Jayne Linney hits one of the points I neglected to mention in my own post, and hits it squarely on the head. It ISN’T good enough for Labour to frame its policy based on the FEELINGS of people who have jobs. Those feelings are themselves based on evidence-less claims by Tories. Labour should be basing its policy on FACT.
And the facts disagree with Ms Reeves.


So the new Labour Shadow Minister for Work & Pensions, Ms Rachel Reeves MP, turned to the Observer for her first interview in her new role; and in 822 words she managed to infuriate countless people!

There are already two excellent blogs outlining just what was wrong with Ms Reeves announcement of Labours approach to Welfare – ‘Dear Rachel Reeves‘ from Paul Bernal & ‘Sort out the tax dodgers‘ from Vox Political, and I encourage you to read both if you haven’t already; their excellent respective arguments focus on challenging the message & the content of the interview & I agree with both.

For me though the last paragraph of the interview was a direct quote – “I think it is right that those people who are in work do not feel that those who aren’t in work are getting something that they couldn’t dream of getting” and…

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