It seems the online application forms for Universal Credit are too complicated for people to fill them in without assistance, according to Citizens Advice representatives in a pilot area – so the point of being able (and indeed encouraged) to fill them in online is defeated.
Nice one, DWP – another stroke of genius!

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CAB in Universal Credit pilot area warns of big problems down the line

Citizens Advicehas warned that unless strong support is put in place, many people will struggle to meet living costs and deal with the new online IT system for Universal Credit.

Ahead of an in-depth analysis of Universal Credit to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 this evening, Citizens Advice has cautioned that the Government is storing up problems for Universal Credit. A CAB in the first Universal Credit pilot area reports that last month 78% of its clients were unable to complete online application forms without assistance.

Tameside CAB, which has been closely involved in the introduction of Universal Credit, confirms today that many people who will shortly move onto the new benefit are already struggling to make ends meet.  Nigel Morgan, Chief Executive of Tameside CAB said that 1,453 of its clients have applied for emergency…

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