Having just been criticised for bias by some right-wing passerby, I’m glad to reblog this song, discovered by the Beast on a trawl through YouTube. It shows that the current rising tide of criticism for the Rothermere Rag is not unique – the Mail has been provoking criticism and satirical comment for a long, LONG time!

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Just to show that the tradition of writing satirical songs with wit and humour didn’t go with Flanders and Swan and Tom Lehrer, here’s a piece I found on Youtube. It’s by a gentleman called Paul Bicker, responding to the Daily Mail’s allegations about criminality in Welfare UK. I don’t really remember the precise incident to which the song is a reply, but it’s pretty much an accurate summary of the sheer anti-welfare, anti-immigrant bile and its readership in Middle England of the Daily Fail. And there’s a nice line just at the end:

‘If you gave a pen to a chimpanzee
You’d likely get less lunacy’

Here it is:

And if you want to see it on Youtube, where they have the words, it’s at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq4-U-FYPS0.
And played on the uke, it shows that the spirit of George Formby continues to live on!

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