So even the married tax allowance is based on a lie. Please share this with anyone who may have been fooled by it.

Professor Donald Hirsch

Many people are pointing out that a transferrable married tax allowance worth £3.85 to single-earner couples is a rather weak incentive to get married. But it may nevertheless be a welcome if small boost, especially to someone on a very low wage struggling to support their family.

But has anyone noticed that such a person will, in all likelihood, get not £3.85 a week as advertised, but only a mere £1.35. That’s under 20p a day for being married.

Here’s why. A family with children supported by one earner on a low wage should already be getting help from the government to make ends meet – through tax credits, which are being replaced by Universal Credit. Unlike its predecessors, Universal Credit is paid to people whose incomes are low after tax. Someone who gets married and benefits from a £1000 transferrable tax allowance will pay £200 a year less tax…

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