Reblogged in a spirit of solidarity with a fellow writer who’s trying to make ends meet – and in the hope that we’ll see some juicy Skwawkbox material again soon.


It’s with considerable hesitation that I decided to write this post. As you’ll have noticed if you’re a regular reader, the SKWAWKBOX has been very quiet this month.

Some months ago, I set up a company along with an old colleague – offering services along the lines of my ‘day job’ expertise, with the aim of making a living for my family and me while gaining more freedom to write this blog.

That’s the theory, at any rate. The reality has been that the process of getting a new business up and running, and the need to make it pay sooner rather than later, have been almost all-consuming. Add to that the imperative to get to know my new grand-daughter, and to invest in my family relationships, and it’s been almost impossible to find the time to write.

The articles I write here take a lot of research – and…

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