It seems the Tories are now trying to seduce sick and disabled people into breaking the rules under which they receive their benefits, by trying to get them involved in what looks like a very dodgy ‘work from home’ “opportunity”. Not only this, but the scheme requires payment for participation and guarantees no income in return.
Why are people in the support group for ESA being targeted with this rubbish by a Conservative Lord?


Are the Tories so desperate to kill off those of us the DWP begrudgingly has been forced to concede are ‘Unfit for work’, ‘Unlikely to work in the near future’ & therefore are in the ‘Support Group’ for ESA; by tempting us to sign up to something that could technically put us in breach of our benefit ?

I’m one of the fortunate who successfully fought to be placed in the Support Group, so imagine my amazement when today I received a Direct Message on Twitter from a Conservative Lord –

Direct messages › with Sir Peter Bottomley



Curiosity overcoming me I clinked the link to find Sir Peter was personally recommending I pay to work from home?!

Indignant I decided to take a look at this ‘opportunity’; it seems I’m being invited to pay to participate in a scheme that actually guarantees me Nothing in return.


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