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According the MSN News this morning, Jeremy Clarkson has now said that he doesn’t want to stand against Milliband. He was, according to the Sun, a bit drunk at the time. He really wants to stand against Nick Clegg in his Sheffield Hallam constituency. See the story itself at

From one perspective, a victory by Jezza over Clegg actually wouldn’t make much difference. Clarkson said that he intends to stand as an Independent, despite being known as a Tory from Cameron’s Chipping Norton set. This would mean that he would stand as a closet Tory pretending that he isn’t, against Nick Clegg. Clegg isn’t a Tory, but has shown little difference from them so far. So, as far as that goes, they’ll be no change even if Clarkson wins.

From another perspective, this looks like a subtle – or not so subtle – attack on the coalition itself. Clegg…

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