Personally I applaud the fact that child sex offenders are finally being brought to justice, even if it has taken many years to achieve it. No – other options than imprisonment need NOT be explored; they should have gone to jail many years ago and any added problems they may suffer are a price they must pay for dodging justice in the past.
And let’s remember that there are still people getting away with these offences, even under the current media spotlight. In my own police area, Dyfed Powys, I know of several historical cases which the police have categorically refused to take up. Now why do you think THAT would be?

Westminster Confidential

An extraordinary report was issued last week by MPs on the Commons Justice committee revealing the impact on prisons of the growing numbers of paedophiles and sex offenders being sent to jail.
The report – virtually unnoticed by the national media ( exceptions BBC and Yorkshire Post) -provides partly an answer to those who say the police aren’t doing their job catching them and the Crown Prosecution Service is not getting enough convictions. It also suggests society failed to acknowledge the scale of sex offences in the past.
What it reveals is that Britain’s jails are being engulfed by a tidal wave of elderly offenders – and a huge proportion are historic child abuse and sex offenders like Stuart Hall.
The figures are in fact staggering. At the end of March 2013 there were 6,639 prisoners in England and Wales who were aged between 50 and 59 and there…

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