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workfare-quality-standardA crude attempt at re-branding workfare is taking place with the development of a “Work Experience Quality Standard” to be awarded to companies and charities who provide “high quality” workfare.

This seal of approvement will be handed out to workfare exploiters by a shadowy organisation called Fair Train who describe themselves as“a down to earth company who have a deep rooted passion for work experience”.

So deep rooted is this passion that they are organising a Week of Workfare in October, when they will be actively encouraging employers to sign up to the DWP’s Work Experience scheme.  This is the two month programme of forced labour which first hit the headlines in 2012 when Tesco were found to be recruiting unpaid workers via the Jobcentre.  Since then an active and UK wide campaign against unpaid work has led to scores of private sector employers and charities abandoning the…

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