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by Martin Odoni

I noted a few days ago that this coalition Government, especially the Tory presence in it, is the most petulant in living memory, always quick to throw insults around whenever it is validly criticised, or doesn’t get its own way. I would therefore like to acknowledge, with considerable gratitude, their apparent efforts over the last two days to prove me right.

For any who don’t know the story, two days ago a representative of the United Nations, Raquel Rolnik, official job description of Special Rapporteur On Housing, published a brief summary of her findings after investigating the effects of what has been pejoratively nicknamed ‘The Bedroom Tax’.

And yes, its real name, before I get the usual tidal wave of paranoid objections from Conservative supporters, is Spare Bedroom Under-Occupancy Penalty. Strangely, objections against the nickname are sometimes raised as a defence of the penalty, insisting…

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