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The Angry Yorkshireman has posted up another piece commenting on the declaring by the Libdem MP, Sarah Teather, that she intends to resign after the next election in protest at the party’s betrayal of Liberal values. The Angry One raises the following very good questions about her proposed resignation:

‘If she is truly opposed to the illiberal tendencies of the coalition government, why doesn’t she resign immediately, rather than hanging on as a Lib-Dem MP until 2015? If she doesn’t want to quit parliament before her time is up, why doesn’t she quit the Liberal Democrat party, cross the floor and serve out her time as an independent, or join a genuinely left-liberal party like the Green Party (if they would even have her after her decision to oppose equal rights for gay people)?

Another question is why now? I mean, it was absolutely obvious that the Lib-Dems had abandoned…

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