So 4,230 households have become homeless, in London, due to the Benefit Cap. The article states that local authorities in London have accepted that they owe these families a main homelessness duty – how much more money does that mean they have to spend on these families than they were before April this year?
If we knew that, we would be able to show the true cost of this policy. Too many people think this pointless Coalition government is bringing spending under control when in fact it is making matters worse.

the void

homeless1The number of families accepted as homeless by London local authorities has rocketed by 26% compared to the same period a year earlier.

4,230 households – almost all with children – were owed a main homelessness duty between April and June of this year.  These are families who councils have accepted they have a legal duty to help and only represent the tip of the iceberg.  Thousands more single people, families judged intentionally homeless, or those refused help for not meeting strict criteria, are also facing life without a home in the capital.

This huge rise came after the Government introduced a Benefit Cap for families at £500 a week in some parts of London from April this year.  Whilst this is unlikely to affect many households in Scotland, Northern England or Wales,  it has made much of the capital, and surrounding areas, unaffordable to families on benefits due to…

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