Pride's Purge


One million of Britain’s lowest paid employees are to be classified as “not wretched enough” and could find themselves pushed with the threat of sanctions to find more reasons to be miserable under radical changes to welfare, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has said.

DWP internal documents seen by Pride’s Purge reveal that people earning between £330 to around £1,050 a month could be mandated to feel absolutely shit about themselves and forced to be more dejected about their lives as part of the Universal Discredit (UD) programme.

Some of those deemed to be “not wretched enough” could also be instructed to take on extra despondency training – and if on completion they fail to become completely disconsolate they could be stripped of their UD benefits in a move which departmental insiders conceded is “controversial”.

The DWP said that overall plans to cause even more hardship and distress for those…

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