Johnny Void weighs in on the Taxpayers’ Alliance’s stupid and crude call for workfare to be extended. He’s read the report on the TPA’s website, which is more than most of us could stomach, and therefore this article appears very well-informed. Take a look.

the void

Harry Enfield as Tim Nice But DimThe Tax Payer’s Alliance (TPA) squirmed their way onto the ever willing BBC today to gain airtime for their harrumphing report demanding workfare for everyone backed by homelessness and child starvation.

The report, written by an Oxbridge clown with no knowledge of the welfare system, demands that everyone who has been on benefits over one year –  including the sickness and disability benefit Employment Support Allowance –  should be forced into workfare forever or face having housing benefits and child benefits stopped.

Like so many of these benefit bashing diatribes from chinless nobodies trying to make a name in politics, it begins by describing a welfare system that only exists in the writer of the report’s head.  So there is no workfare currently, or barely any according to the Tax Payers Alliance, benefit sanctions are hardly used and are too short, and jobs are falling out of the sky for…

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