My series of posts about the fake psychometric ‘test’ and the DWP/Cabinet Office’s attempts to deny it, became big news earlier this year. Among the facts that the DWP denied, then admitted, then denied again and admitted again, were:

  • they were threatening jobseekers with benefit sanction if they refused to participate
  • that no qualified psychologists were involved in the decision to threaten potentially-vulnerable into becoming guinea-pigs
  • that no training was given to Jobcentre Plus (JCP) advisers in how to select people for the test beyond telling them to do it
  • that the experiment had been subjected to none of the usual validations or safeguards

and more. The whole thing stank of the contemptuous, reckless attitude of the DWP and the Cabinet Office’s ‘Nudge Unit’ toward unemployed people.

It turns out that the psychological abuse of jobseekers – and the abuse of psychology by the government – are by…

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